Jonathan Farley

[One of] 15 people who have shaped the global conversation
about science in 2005.

Seed Magazine (December 2005 / January 2006 issue)

Mathematics professor Jonathan Farley has a hell of a resume...

Barrett Brown, Hot, Fat, and Clouded: The Amazing and Amusing Failures of America's Chattering Class (Cambridge House Press, New York City, 2010)



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Profiles and interviews of Jonathan Farley


July 17, 2010
Science News
Safety in Numbers
 »  cover, editorial, and article

February 2010
Newlore Magazine
 »  article | English translation

April 2009
Campus News Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Renommierter Wissenschafter an der JKU
 »  article

Spring 2009
Oxford American Magazine
“A Finished Revolution? Barack Obama as the Fulfillment of Reconstruction”
 »  cover | article

September 2008
Black Enterprise Magazine
Putting the Science in Fiction: Jonathan Farley Takes Math to Hollywood
  »   cover | table of contents | article | all

March 2008
Brookline Magazine
Artist in Residence: Marlena Bocian

January 10, 2008
Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Catching Up with the Class of 2002

November 2007
Notices of the American Mathematical Society
Flatland: The Movie

October/November 2007
Symmetry Magazine
The Wrong Stuff: When bad physics pop up in a movie or TV show, scientists try to set things right”
  »    article

August 6, 2007
Newsweek Magazine (Russia)
“Hollywood Scientific Films”
  »   article | English translation

May/June 2006
The Crisis Magazine
 The Visionaries
  »   cover | editorial | article
| page one | page two | page three

May/June 2006
Complex NUMB3RS?

April 19, 2006
Operations Research and Management Science Today
Does 1+1=Terror? Using Math Models to Calculate Risks

January 2006
Reader’s Digest (Canada)
Fact-Finding Mission

December 2005 / January 2006
Seed Magazine
“Year in Science: Icons”

  »   cover | introduction | article

Summer 2005
The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
Harvard’s Summa Cum Laude Mathematician Proposes to Use Lattice Theory to Help Win the War on Terrorism

March 2, 2005
Technology Review
Counterterrorism by Numbers

October 2-8, 2004
The Economist Magazine
Circles of Friends: What Math Tells Us about Us
  »   cover | article page one | article page two

July 19, 2004
Jet Magazine
Scientist of the Year
  »   cover | article

March/April 2002
Harvard Magazine
Finding Work That Works for You
  (profile of six Harvard alumni, including Jonathan Farley and CNN presenter Soledad O’Brien)

January 3, 2002
Black Issues in Higher Education
A Calculating Career

June/July 2001
Upscale Magazine
“Math Genius Receives Fulbright Award”
  »   cover | table of contents | article

January 2001
Ebony Magazine
30 Leaders of the Future
  »   cover | article

Winter 1998/1999
The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
You Can Count on One Hand All the Black Mathematics Professors at the Highest-Ranking American Universities

March 13, 1989
Jet Magazine
» cover | article


January 16, 2011
The Jamaica Observer newspaper (Jamaica)
The limitations of agriculture

December 27, 2010
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain)
Neoconfederate Civil War Revisionism

November 23, 2010
The Science of the Big Bang Theory: How writers of the popular sitcom get their physics right

November 3, 2010
The Washington Post
Hold off on the action figures: Quirky SC Dem lost” (photo and photo caption only)
»   photo

November 3, 2010
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten (Austria)
Mit neuem Kongress beginnt auch Barack Obamas zweite Halbzeit

October 30, 2010
Wiener Zeitung (Austria)
In den USA war ich ein Ziel von Terroristen
»   article | English summary | front page of newspaper and section

October 5, 2010
ABC News
Greene Calls on SC Democrats’ Chief to Resign

August 4-10, 2010
Free Times (Columbia, South Carolina)
Warren Group Back on Alvin Greene's Campaign; Says the Circus Is Over

July 29, 2010
Los Angeles Times
A Man Way, Way outside Beltway

July 12, 2010
Huffington Post
How Satisfied Are The Nation’s Professors?” (photo only)

April 25, 2010
Bridges: The Office of Science and Technology's Publication on Science and Technology Policy (Austrian Embassy in the United States)
Austrian Fashion Designer Says Girls Have Both the Genes and the Jeans for Mathematics

February 2010
Tips (Upper Austria)
Höhere Mathematik am Modesektor
»   pdf | English translation

November 27, 2007
How to Build the Perfect Terrorist Cell: Researchers diagram organizations that avoid crumbling when attacked

May 13, 2007
The Jamaica Observer newspaper (Jamaica)
How did Pihl & Son get the Yallahs bridge contract?

April 15, 2007
The Jamaica Observer newspaper (Jamaica)
UWI Mona and Math Department mired in backwardness
»   pdf

The Jamaica Observer newspaper (Jamaica)
Fighting Crime One Sum at a Time

January 31, 2007
Jamaica Gleaner newspaper (Jamaica)
The Numb3rs Man: UWI Professor Plies His Subject in Hollywood and Counterterrorism

December 3-9, 2006
Sunday Herald newspaper (Jamaica)
“Unsolved Problem: UWI Mathematics Department Sinks Further into Quagmire”
  »   partial text with pictures | full text without pictures

October 17, 2006
Democrat and Chronicle newspaper (Rochester, New York)
RIT’s Math Program Creating Institute to Help Fight Terrorism

May 12, 2006
Times Higher Education Supplement
Weapons of Maths Instruction in War on Terror

April 18, 2006
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain)
Putting the Science into Fiction

May 18, 2005
The Daily Telegraph newspaper (Great Britain)
Scientist’s Formula to Rid Hollywood of Mad Professors and Sci-Fi Errors
  »   page one | download image

May 17, 2005
Boston Globe newspaper
Divide and Conquer
  »   pdf

May 13, 2005
Times Higher Education Supplement
On Her Majesty’s Scientific Service
  »   pdf

May 1, 2005
Associated Press
Harvard Professor Offers Services As Hollywood Mathematician
  »   page one | page two
| Other North American Newspaper Coverage

April 6, 2005
MIT Tech Talk
Math Whiz Fights Terror with Smarts
»   pdf

October 9, 2004
USA Today
Mathematicians Offer Help in the War on Terror

April 18, 2004
Jamaica Gleaner newspaper (Jamaica)
Science Whiz with J’can Links Turns Heads in US

January 10, 2004
Science News Online
Splitting Terrorist Cells

December 5, 2003
The Chronicle of Higher Education
A Mathematical Method for Assessing Whether a Terrorist Cell Has Been Broken

January 17, 2003
The Tennessean newspaper
Dorm name change led to threats to VU: Caller vows to cut out Gee’s heart, school reports”

December 2002
Council of Conservative Citizens editorial
Vanderbilt Math Teacher Spews Vitriol Over Confederacy

December 11, 2002
The Nation
Trent Lott’s ‘Uptown Klan’” (third paragraph from the end)

December 1, 2002
The Tennessean newspaper
VU Prof’s Essay Sparks ‘Confederate’ Backlash’” (caveat: taken from a neo-Confederate site)

October 24, 2002
Green Party of the United States
Greens Rally Behind Vanderbilt University's Plan to Rename ‘Confederate’ Dorm

November 19, 2001
Wall Street Journal “Opinion Journal”
Stupidity Watch

September 13-19, 2001
Nashville Scene
A Green Candidate: A Vanderbilt Math Genius Launches a Political Race— Then Leaves the Country

August 22-28, 2001
The Village Voice
Find the Issues, Reach the People: The Building of a Blacker Green Party

August 16, 2001
Roll Call newspaper
A Green House? Party Will Back, But Not Recruit, Candidates in Congressional Races

August 9, 2001
The Tennessean newspaper
VU Professor Plans to Run against Clement As Green Candidate

December 1998 — January 1999
The Prism
Young Black Achievers

June 17, 1991
Boston Globe newspaper
“Here’s a Toast to Harvard’s No. 2”
  »   page one | page two


(Note: inclusion does not imply endorsement or veracity of content.)

Jamaica’s Gifts to the World
 »   cover (Jonathan Farley is in the photo to the right of Bob Marley’s)

Dr. Lloyd Eubank-Green’s book, according to the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper, “contains brief biographies of Jamaicans, both here and in the Diaspora, whose achievements have made an impact regionally and globally.”

Hot, Fat, and Clouded: The Amazing and Amusing Failures of America's Chattering Class
 »   sample chapter

Author Barrett Brown details how Washington Times editor Robert Stacy McCain targeted Jonathan Farley. Popular television commentator Rachel Maddow has called McCain a “white supremacist” and Brown provides proof of this. See pp. 191-196, 211-218.

Hot X: Algebra Exposed
 »   acknowledgements

In her latest best-seller, Hot X: Algebra Exposed, television actress Danica McKellar refers to “the incomparable, brilliant Jonathan Farley.”

Cool Careers in Math
 »   excerpt

Kimm Groshong’s book, published by Sally Ride Science, profiles Jonathan Farley. Sally Ride was the first American woman in space.

Constitutional Interpretation: Rights of the Individual

Craig R. Ducat refers to Jonathan Farley’s critique of the National Security Agency in “[o]ne of the best-known, most complete, and widely read Constitutional Law textbooks published today”.

More Time for Politics
 »   cover | inside

Long-time British Member of Parliament and former member of the prime minister’s cabinet, Tony Benn, mentions Jonathan Farley.

Math Doesn't Suck
(paperback edition)
cover and first page

Television actress Danica McKellar asked Jonathan Farley to provide a quote for her best-selling book.

University Presidents As Moral Leaders
 »   chapter

In this anthology, Gordon Gee, Chancellor of Vanderbilt University, calls neo-Confederates and supporters of the founder of the Ku Klux Klan, including individuals who sent at least two Vanderbilt University faculty members and at least one student death threats, “old friends”.

How Celtic Culture Invented Southern Literature

James P. Cantrell, who excludes blacks when he uses the word “Southern,” joins the list of authors indirectly defending the founder of the Ku Klux Klan. Fred Chappell, North Carolina's Poet Laureate, merely describes Cantrell’s racist work, in part a defense of traitors who murdered and terrorized blacks for over a century, as “[s]poiling for a fight!”

Political Theologies: Public Religions in a Post-Secular World

Hent de Vries and Lawrence Eugene Sullivan refer to Jonathan Farley’s critique of the National Security Agency.

The Confederate Battle Flag: America’s Most Embattled Emblem
 »   excerpt

John Coski, author of this Harvard University Press book, is the historian and library director at the Museum of the Confederacy. He considers it “shocking” that an African-American dislikes the founder of the Ku Klux Klan.

Change Is Possible: Stories of Women and Minorities in Mathematics

Patricia Kenschaft profiles Jonathan Farley.

College Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences
 »   cover

The Political Junkie Handbook

Michael Crane lists Jonathan Farley’s criticism of the founder of the Ku Klux Klan as one “of the most shameful campus events in the U.S. education system in 2002.” Crane apparently does not consider the racist death threats his confederates sent Jonathan Farley, in defense of the Klan founder, anything to be ashamed about.

Why I Love Black Women

Best-selling author Michael Eric Dyson discusses Jonathan Farley’s Essence Magazine essay on young African-American women.


Who Is Alvin Greene?

A documentary by David Garrett, the co-writer of the Rob Schneider film Deuce Bigalow, and Leslie Beaumont.


November 3, 2010
(Topic: “Greene: ‘DeMint Failed the Country’“; in the background only, at the beginning and around 1:40)
 »   video (flv format)

November 3, 2010
Comedy Central
(Topic: "Election Night in Alvin Greene's HQ"; in the background only, at 0:14 and 0:28)

Black History Month profile by Janet Lomax (WHEC-TV, Rochester, New York)

June 2005
Greater Boston with Emily Rooney
 »   Dot Vader (windows media format)

June 2, 2005
(Comcast CN8, with Emmy Award-winning host Barry Nolan, reaching 6.2 million homes from Maine to Maryland)
 »   interview (windows media format)

February, 2005
Black History Month Teleconference (South Carolina Public Television)
(panel discussion with the head of the U.S. Army’s Fort Jackson)

February 4, 2005
 »   Numb3rs interview (San Diego television - windows media format)

October 9, 2004
 »   Fox News Television (windows media format)

December 4, 2002
Fox News Television with Brit Hume

September 11, 2002
BBC World News Television
(invited guest, interviewed live from Ground Zero in New York City)



May 26, 2010
CBC Radio (Canada) with Ron Wilson
(Topic: mathematics and counterterrorism)
 »   interview

June 29, 2009
BBC Radio “World Have Your Say”
(Topic: Michael Jackson)
 »   interview (mp3) (primarily: 17:39-19:53; 27:57-30:45; 33:19-33:37; 39:45-40:37; 42:38-42:42; 43:50-44:40; 49:20)  »   associated BBC Radio “World Have Your Say” blog

April 8, 2009
BBC Radio “World Have Your Say”
(Topic: The G20 protests in London)
 »   interview (mp3)
(primarily: 7:56-8:10; 15:41-22:57; 32:20-33:55; 40:09-40:37; 41:30-42:23; 48:51-49:30)

ORF Radio (Austria) with Sarah Gruber

February 19, 2009
Make It Plain with Mark Thompson (Sirius Satellite Radio)
 »   listen

July 10, 2008
Pacifica Radio
“Green Party Convention Starts amidst Criticism”
 »   mp3

April 4, 2008
BBC Radio Five Live
Fortieth anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King

January 28, 2008
BBC Radio “World Have Your Say”
Obama and Martin Luther King
Associated BBC Radio “World Have Your Say” blog Part 1
Associated BBC Radio “World Have Your Say” blog Part 2
 »   mp3

September 14, 2007
National Public RadioTalk of the Nation
“Mathematicians Work to Help Track Terrorist Activity”
(Jonathan Farley’s work is mentioned around 8:25)
 »   mp3

May 23, 2006
National Public Radio “All Things Considered
 »   mp3 (around 3:59)

January 20, 2006
The Tavis Smiley Show
»   index | bio | this week

 »   mp3

July 12, 2005
Australian Broadcasting Corporation “Deep End”
“Hollywood Maths”
»   pdf page one | mp3 interview: 10 minutes

June 17, 2005
Australian Broadcasting Corporation “Triple J ‘Hack’”
»   pdf page one | interview (11:25-20:00): real player .ram format

June 5, 2005
Digital Production Buzz
»   mp3: (1:55-2:40 and 32:10-49:00)

December 11-12, 2004
Air America Radio “So What Else Is News?”
(Interview by Marty Kaplan)
»   mp3

October 31, 2002
National Public Radio “Tavis Smiley Show”
“Green Party & African Americans”
»   Real Audio file


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Articles by Jonathan Farley



March 2006
Notices of the first American Mathematical Society
Moment of Proof

November 2000
Essence Magazine
“Players and Professors: A Nice Guy Steps up”
»   cover | page one | page two

January 2000
The Source Magazine
Heroes 2000

November 1986
A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing Magazine
DLI’s: Another Minute to Learn

October 1986
A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing Magazine
DLI’s: A Minute to Learn



January 8, 2011
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain) on-line
A dialogue concerning advocacy and criminality

December 23, 2010
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain) on-line
The US embassy cables enigma

December 5, 2010
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain) on-line
Sexing up mathematics does not compute

November 10, 2010
The State newspaper (South Carolina)
“Abandoning Greene Hurt Democrats” (with Donna Warren; also see The Guardian for November 3, 2010)
»   article

November 3, 2010
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain) on-line
Alvin Greene, defeated by fellow Democrats

August 23, 2009
Morning Star newspaper (Great Britain)
Gunning for Obama

May 17, 2009
The Harvard Crimson newspaper (Harvard University)
Anti-War Hero

April 2009
Bridges: The Office of Science and Technology’s Publication on Science and Technology Policy
(Austrian Embassy in the United States)
Dorkbot: Doing ‘Strange Things with Electricity’ from New York to Linz

February 27, 2009
Morning Star newspaper (Great Britain)
Spearing Satan’s Mistress

February 13, 2009
The Tech newspaper (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Who Won the Civil War?

January 28, 2009
The Harvard Crimson newspaper (Harvard University)
The New Black Politics

January 20, 2009
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain)
My Fellow Americans: What Would You Like to Sneak into Obama’s Inauguration Speech Today?

October 28, 2008
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain) on-line
Words As Weapons

September 26, 2008
Sacramento Bee newspaper
My View: What’s So Wasteful about Funding Discovery?

July 17, 2008
Democrat and Chronicle newspaper (Rochester, New York)
Obama’s Shifts Could Prove Costly
 »   article

June 30, 2008
New York Times
Bee by Bee

May 14, 2008
Democrat and Chronicle newspaper (Rochester, New York)
Fix Rochester Schools ‘outside the Box’
 »   article

April 4, 2008
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain) on-line
Preventing the Rise of a ‘Messiah’

March 17, 2008
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain) on-line
Wright Was Right

February 23, 2008
Weekend Times (Singapore)
I Have a Nightmare

January 17, 2008

The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain)
I Have a Nightmare

November 7, 2007
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain) on-line
DNA of the KKK

November 10, 2006
The Berkeley Daily Planet newspaper
Commentary: Bias against Minorities in Math and Science Continues

July 9, 2006
San Francisco Chronicle newspaper
The NSA is Tap, Tap, Tapping: Spy Agency Misses the Big Picture As It Targets All the Dots

June 2006
Bridges: The Office of Science and Technology’s Publication on Science and Technology Policy
(Austrian Embassy in the United States)
Kurt Gödel: What Is Truth? The Strange Story of the Man Who Walked with Einstein

May 16, 2006
New York Times
“The N.S.A.’s Math Problem”
 »   cartoon

April 23, 2006
San Francisco Chronicle newspaper
A Muslim to Be a Martin Luther King? What the American South Can Teach the Middle East

Spring 2006
Oxford Mathematical Institute Newsletter (University of Oxford)
Terror and Beauty

March 12, 2006
San Francisco Chronicle newspaper
Improving Math Ed— Bush Right about That: But Where Are the Teachers Coming from?

January 8, 2006
San Francisco Chronicle newspaper
The Torturer’s Dilemma: The Math on Fire with Fire

September 20, 2005
Bridges: The Office of Science and Technology’s Publication on Science and Technology Policy
(Austrian Embassy in the United States)
Terror and Beauty— The European Institute for Mathematical Methods in Counterterrorism

August 22, 2005
Morning Star newspaper (Great Britain)
It’s Your Turn Next

July 21, 2005
Morning Star newspaper (Great Britain)
Conspiracy Theories Chase the Carnage

December 11, 2004
Morning Star newspaper (Great Britain)
Three Stories from the Mourning after: Exit Powell • Banana Republicans • He’s Dead Now

October 30, 2004
Morning Star newspaper (Great Britain)
I’m Voting Nader

October 2, 2004
Morning Star newspaper (Great Britain)
A Very US Coup

November 20, 2002
The Tennessean newspaper
Remnants of the Confederacy Glorifying a Time of Tyranny
»   pdf

February 27, 2002; January 29, 2002
National Newspaper Publishers Association (including Sacramento Observer, Michigan Chronicle)
Black Power Still Gets Bad Rap

February 18, 2002
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain)
We Mathematicians Seek a More Elusive Beauty

January 5, 2002
Time Magazine
A Beautiful Mind: American Pi

Nashville City Paper
Why They Hate Americans—in Great Britain
(in response, Lewis Goldberg wrote a column advocating the murder of Jonathan Farley)

November 17, 2001
The Guardian newspaper (Great Britain)
Where Next— Alabama?

October 3, 2001
National Newspaper Publishers Association (including Sacramento Observer)
The Next Casualty: The Bill of Rights

September 25, 2001
Nashville City Paper
Slavery and Segregation Still Need Reparations

September 13, 2001
The Ashland City Times
Thank Goodness Dominion Got Zapped by County

August 23, 2001
Nashville City Paper
Battle of Donelson: Give Greenway the Red Light

July 2001
The Tennessean newspaper and Nashville City Paper
County Failed to Look at Consequences of Plant
Corporations Usurp Democracy in 'Cheat 'em' County



Mathematical Methods in Counterterrorism
»   cover

With a foreword written by the European Union Counterterrorism Coordinator.

Beyond September 11: An Anthology of Dissent
»   cover

A collection of essays by best-selling authors such as Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein.


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